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The Beginning of the Beginning

I’m young, single digits and I’m playing with Stretch Armstrong with my uncle (who happens to be six months younger than me) on a grassy hill. My Mom and Grandpa are there, but I’m focused on stretching Stretch as far … Continue reading

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Earliest Memory (As far as I Know)

I’m on my little rocking horse, rocking away while Mom does the dishes in the tiny kitchen of the first house. Baby Horsie rolls over the textured tiles. They’re a warm color, yellow maybe, or reddish orange. Right in front … Continue reading

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Is it possible to go through a quarter-life crisis while also experiencing a mid-life crisis? No, really, I want to know. Now that I’ve finished the required four years of college and have suffered brutal rejection from grad school two … Continue reading

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An Attempt to Overcome Stage Fright

…and to sort through the mire of utter ‘stuff’ that occupies my mind at any given time. I’ve got a lot of useless crap running around up there and blogging it out will help. In theory. I also have a … Continue reading

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