An Attempt to Overcome Stage Fright

…and to sort through the mire of utter ‘stuff’ that occupies my mind at any given time. I’ve got a lot of useless crap running around up there and blogging it out will help. In theory.

I also have a difficult time journaling in general; I self-edit my own freaking journal entries. I’ve got serious stage fright about posting my writing much less trying to get it published. This needs to be remedied. I think word-vomiting into a blog anything on my mind is a good exercise in stream-of-consciousness as well as overcoming self-censure.

My goal and promise to myself for the blog is this: write what I want/feel when I want/feel it. I will not self-edit (except for grammatical snafus) and I will unashamedly blurt out (metaphorically speaking) whatever comes to mind in the hopes that it will help me sort out my tangled emotions/story ideas/ whatever else might be on my mind.


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