A Great Day

Yesterday, after frolicking in the snow with Reno, I rushed home to clean as much of my apartment as I could. Gail and Cindy were going to arrive later that afternoon. I spared a moment for a hot dog and both Charlie Brown Valentine’s Day specials, then began clearing the floor. Of course, it occurred to me as I was stacking papers on my desk and throwing scraps of receipts and clothes tags away that I should probably dust before I vacuumed. So I lightly spritzed a paper towel with vinegar cleaner and wiped every surface I could find- the wifi box, the TV, the printer, the lampshade. My apartment had gathered a pretty impressive layer of dust.

I finally started the vacuum after deciding to just stash my shoes in the bathroom and clean that problem out later. I gave up on the dirt on the linoleum in front of the door, but the rest of the place cleaned up nicely. The bathroom and the giant hairball that accompanied it was another story. I started with the toilet, as it needed the most attention, then was briefly distracted by the sink, then the mirror (which I did nothing about, sadly) before returning to finish the toilet.

At this point I was frantic, as Gail had texted earlier that they were on their way. I admitted defeat with the dishes, but I made sure that the bathroom at least looked sanitary.

It was so nice to see Gail and Cindy and to have people in the apartment, talking and catching up. Cindy was kind enough to drive, so I took them to campus and showed them my office with my wilting birthday flowers and the stack of notes from Lauren. Gail and Cindy liked all of the converted houses on campus, since they made the spaces more “homey”. I agree.

After, we drove down South Main Street so the Gail and Cindy could see the massive Victorian houses. We stopped at Kroger to pick up some butter and wine, then drove by the Sweet Retreat so that they could see the cupcake shop where I worked and ate too many sweets.

Then we trekked up Tiffin in the hopes of eating at Chedders, which turned out to be the hottest dinner destination at Findlay. I didn’t mind as much; I was happy that Gail and Cindy got to see most of Findlay as we drove up and down Tiffin Avenue. We found a parking spot off of Main Street by some miracle, and after some tricky maneuvoring on Cindy’s part, wiggled into a parallel parking spot and walked to Main Street to find someplace to eat. There isn’t much to do in Findlay besides eating on a Saturday night, so we tried Logan’s, but the kilted hostess gave us a half hour wait. We crossed the street to Waldo’s and had better luck there, perched on high but comfortable chairs. We ate and I got caught up on some Lighthouse team drama, which sounds oxymoronic to me; shouldn’t church groups have the least drama? We also watched the US/Russia Olympic hockey game. It ended in a tie that led to shootout after shootout. We were on the edge of our seats, very confused by the number of shootouts but rooting for team USA. We found out after that we were watching a rerun of the game, but it was thrilling for us.

I suggested renting a movie, since Findlay still has Family Videos, and we went to the nearest one near my laundromat and started trolling the aisles. Gail made up a game: we would travel down each aisle and everyone had to pick a movie from each aisle. After we were done, we sat on the floor and spread out all of our choices and took turns eliminating each choice. It came down to three, and I put them behind my back and shuffled them. The first one, “The Roomate” was eliminated, and the second one, “Valentine’s Day”, was the winner. In the end though, Gail and Cindy decided they would rather watch something they haven’t seen, so “Salmon Fishing in the Yemen” came out the winner. It was a brilliant game to play with a group picking out a movie and we had a great time on the floor in the middle of Family Video, sorting movies.

We went home and Gail and Cindy surprised me with two blowup matresses, so that we could all be comfortable that night. We snuggled up, busted out cookies, brownies and pink muscato and watched “Salmon Fishing in the Yemen”. Gail and I enjoyed the blunt and sarcastic British humor, and Cindy liked the parts she was awake to see. It turned out to be a good movie, lighthearted and beautiful and full of sass. Gail congratulated me on my movie choice and I will not lie-I was very proud of picking that out.  After I saw Tom Mison’s name in the credits, I freaked out and showed Cindy and Gail some funny clips from Sleepy Hollow.

As we were settling down for bed, Cindy asked me to tell them a bedtime story. After silently panicking about coming up with something, I told them a story about two girls who lived in a room who created a world all around them, full of people and sentient bean bags and a train that circumnavigated the world, whose station was the front porch of their house. It was nice to tell a bedtime story-or any story- again. It was also nice to share my small apartment with Gail and Cindy, to have three people snuggled and relaxing and talking and sleeping in my space that managed to fit two air matresses. I didn’t realize how much I would enjoy having Gail and Cindy over and now my apartment seems larger and more bare. It was wonderful to see my sister and her friend, to joke and talk and swap drunk stories and have the girls’ night to end all girls’ nights. I really miss my sisters and hanging out with them.

In the morning we went to George House and got coffee and bagels and muffins and told each other our worst (and consequently most fun) drunk stories. I sent them off into the light snow with directions for I-75 and then caught up with the barista- who is in my London class who I didn’t recognize the first time-while I got a bagel to-go. I hope I get the chance to visit Gail at Dayton soon, and Chloe at Purdue. This Saturday was the most fun I have had in a while, because I got to share it with my sister and her friend.

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